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I started that online class thinking "just another hoop to jump through" for probation.  I came out with a completely different perception. I never thought of shoplifting that way!  That was an excellent, excellent course!  Thank you. Ashley

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1) Is a certificate automatically sent to the person who referred me?
Answer: The "Certificate" is not automatically sent. You can access the Certificate by clicking "My Certificates." Once completed, you can print and send the Certificate off on your own. If you need it, upon request we can email or fax your Certificate for you.
2) Do I need to take the class straight through? Can I stop once I've started?
Answer: You can stop and start any time you wish. You will be able to return to the place where you ended. You are encouraged to stop and start regularly.

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1. How much time does it take?
2. Can I finish in a day?
3. Can I get a certificate of completion?
4. I don't have my password. What do I do?
5. If I have trouble passing the test. What can I do?
6. Is this course accepted in my state?

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Offender Solutions® is a professional online service for juvenile and adult offenders.

Judges, probation officers, schools, mental health professionals, parents, etc. can refer clients to Offender Solutions® online classes.

Individuals who feel they have a problem with theft or anger behaviors may also choose to participate on their own initiative. There are two ways to take our theft or anger classes: 1) online, 2) workbook (by mail)

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Change your thoughts and you change your world.

~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)


Readings on Thef/Shoplifting:
a) Books
b) Journals
c) Magazines



Try our online theft class

Try our online shoplifting class

A theft awareness class

Take a theft class

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A 24 hours a day - 7 days a week theft class.
On your timelines. Finish in a day or finish over several days. Start and stop when you want.

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4 hour theft or anger class - $50
8 hour theft or anger online class - $65
10 hour anger management class - $74
12 hour anger management class - $84

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Robo de Clase en espanon
.Spanish Theft Class $65
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